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Create workflow


1. Workflow from scratch

To create a new workflow from scratch, log in to your account and on the main menu navigate to Integrations. Select 'BLANK WORKFLOW' from the button options at the top right of your screen and click the button.

Integrations - Create Blank Workflow

This will open up a workflow designer where you can start by adding and connecting services.

Workflow Designer - Blank Workflow

2. Workflow from integration

Integrations created using our wizard can be converted to a workflow. To convert an integration to a workflow and start editing it in our workflow designer, simply find your integration on the 'Integrations' table and click the orange workflow icon.

Integrations - Convert to Workflow

This will launch our workflow designer with your integration in it. To complete the conversion, simply save the workflow via the button at the top right of your screen.

Workflow Designer - Converted Integration