Mapper Service

Before you begin

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The mapper service allows the mapping of data to create new objects or arrays. The developed schema and associated mapping becomes the output of this service which could be used by other services.

Example configuration and mapping

The following example shows you how to use the mapper service to create a new object. There is no required configuration for this service.

The schema can be whatever you want and for this example we are going to create an OBJECT schema with the specified fields:

Mapper Service Schema

Given the following source data from another service:

  "data": {
      "user_id": 1,
      "my_id": 1,
      "the_title": "delectus aut autem",
      "finished": false

We can map the applicable fields with the schema object:

Mapper Service Mapping

In this example the following output will be generated automatically by this service after it is run:

    "data": {
        "userId": 1,
        "id": 1,
        "title": "delectus aut autem",
        "completed": false
    "metadata": []