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Before you begin

In order to use the features in this section you need to have an active Spojit account. If you don't have an account you can checkout out the pricing and register here. If you already have an account you can login here.

This service can send a simple email from the Spojit System email address. It includes the ability to configure recipients, a subject line, text body, and add attachments.


Option Description Default Required
To The recipient(s) of the email message. Each receipient requires a name and email address - TRUE
Name The name of the recipient of the email message. - TRUE
Email The email address of the recipient. - TRUE
Subject The subject line of the email that is going to be sent. - TRUE
Body The body of the email that is going to be sent. - TRUE
Attachments File(s) that are attached to the email. This requires attachment type, name and the raw data for the file. - FALSE
Attachment Type The type of file that is being attached (i.e application/csv). - TRUE
Attachment Filename The name of file that is being attached (i.e somedata.csv). - TRUE
Raw data The raw data of the file that will be attached. - TRUE


The attachments need to be provided to this service in raw data with the correct data type and file name selected in order for the file to be read properly with some email clients.

Example configuration and mapping

The following example shows you how to configure the mailer to send an email with an attachment. The To, Subject and Body are essential and attachments must be raw data with the applicable data type and name provided.

Mailer Configuration

The mailer doesn't require any service data setup.

The mailer will not provide much output data besides if the email was sent or not. The following is what this configured email might look like when received:

Mailer Output Email