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Formula Functions

Before you begin

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Break Sequence

break(mixed $value, array $condtions)
Will break (stop) functions from processing if conditions are not met. Uses the last functions' chain data and will pass that data to the next function if valid. If a default value is entered that will be returned to the field if the function sequence fails.
  break(56, [{"operator": "eq", "value": 56}]) => WILL CONTINUE
  break("pendingOrder", [{"operator": "neq", "value": "pendingOrder"}]) => WILL NOT CONTINUE


formula(string $value)
Create a custom formula to transform the field using common Excel syntax. Adding "{{ this }}" will enter the value of the field or previous function. Double quotes need to be around strings.

A full list of functions is available at the Microsoft website. Not all functions are available.

If the value of the field is 600.5655464:

  formula('if({{ this }}>500,"profit","loss")') => "profit"
  formula('round({{ this }}, 2)') => 600.57