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Not all integrations require schedule (ie. webhook / near real-time integrations).

Schedule tab is accessible only for integrations which require scheduling. On near real-time integration you may find the ‘Schedule’ tab is disabled, in which case please refer to the specific integration template in our Library section (you may be required to enable and configure a webhook instead).

Schedule info

Spojit platform supports two types of schedules:

  • Periodic: allows you to set an integration to run in specified intervals (every X minutes or hours)

  • Time based: allows you to set an integration to run once per day at specified time

Schedule starting point: Each schedule requires you to specify a schedule activation start date and time ('Activate On' field). This can be set to any future date/time and indicates the starting point of the schedule.

Time awareness: Periodic schedule is time aware which means if you set your schedule to start at 5:55 am running every 1 hour, the integration will run at 5:55 am, 6:55 am, etc. The same schedule running every 7 minutes would run at 5:55 am, 6:02 am, 6:09 am etc.

Locale awareness: The date and time you enter into your scheduler is in the time zone of your account. You can change the time zone in My Account settings, ‘Preferences’ tab.


1. Log in to your account

2. Access 'My Integrations' page

You can access the page via the main menu by expanding the 'Integrations' menu item and selecting 'My Integrations'. You should see a table listing all your integrations here.

Access My Integrations Page

3. Enter 'Edit Integration' page

Enter the Edit integration screen by clicking on the integration table row or the blue ‘pencil’ icon button at the end of a table row. Switch to 'Schedule' tab.

4. Activate schedule and set initial date/time

Tick the checkbox next to Activate on field and set the ‘Activate on’ date and time. The 'Activate On' date and time specifies the starting point of the integration schedule - from this date/time, the scheduler will be automatically running the integration as per the schedule specified (periodically, or daily at specified time)

Edit Integration - Schedule Activate

5. Set recurrence

Select your preferred schedule (period - every X minutes/hours OR daily at specified time) and configure.You can see a textual representation of the schedule as you continue configuring.

Edit Integration - Schedule Recurrence

6. Save changes

Don't forget to save your changes. The ‘Save’ button can be found in the header of the Edit integration screen (top right corner).