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Relates to specific integration template

The configuration section of Edit integration screen allows you to edit the necessary configuration options related to your integration which you have initially entered when completing the integration setup wizard. As such, these options are specific to given integration template and can vary based on the chosen template. The following example shows configuration options for Unleashed > WooCommerce Stock Update integration template. For more information on your specific integration refer to our Library section.


1. Log in to your account

2. Access 'My Integrations' page

You can access the page via the main menu by expanding the 'Integrations' menu item and selecting 'My Integrations'. You should see a table listing all your integrations here.

Access My Integrations Page

3. Enter 'Edit Integration' page

Enter the Edit integration screen by clicking on the integration table row or the blue ‘pencil’ icon button at the end of a table row. Switch to 'Configuration' tab.

Access Edit Integration - Configuration

4. Edit details

The Configuration tab allows you to change all of the specific integration options and related systems configuration.

Edit Integration - Configuration

5. Save changes

Don't forget to save your changes. The ‘Save’ button can be found in the header of the Edit integration screen (top right corner) and is enabled when you modify any values of the integration.