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Basic info

Give your integration a unique name

Basic integration info tab allows you to edit the name, description and also the category of given integration. You can set multiple categories to an integration for easy classification and search. We also recommend changing the name of your integration to something specific for easier search as you keep adding more and more integrations.


1. Log in to your account

2. Access 'My Integrations' page

You can access the page via the main menu by expanding the 'Integrations' menu item and selecting 'My Integrations'. You should see a table listing all your integrations here.

Access My Integrations Page

3. Enter 'Edit Integration' page

Enter the Edit integration screen by clicking on the integration table row or the blue ‘pencil’ icon button at the end of a table row.

Integration Library

4. Edit details

The Basic Info tab allows you to change the name and description of the integration as well as the integration cateogry. To enter new integration category, type in the name of a category and press enter on your keyboard. You can add more than one category to an integration.

Edit Integration - Basic Info

5. Save changes

Don't forget to save your changes. The ‘Save’ button can be found in the header of the Edit integration screen (top right corner) and is enabled when you modify any values of the integration.