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Spojit Introduction

About Spojit

Spojit is a provider of intelligent automation and integration solutions for businesses of all sizes globally. Our intelligent Process Orchestration Platform (iPOP) is an enterprise grade business process orchestration and automation platform for the most demanding enterprises across all industries including healthcare, banking, and government.

Through a security-first, unparalleled extensibility and run-anywhere approach, iPOP helps your enterprise break the most significant barriers to connectivity and IoT adoption and enables you to seamlessly enter the new digital era. To help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition, the platform leverages and offers machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) driven solutions helping you automate business critical processes and gain deeper insights into the operations of your business.



Significantly reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies through process automation by effectively eliminating human errors and increasing workload capacity


Improve flexibility in business systems choice via extensive range of automation solutions suitable for modern cloud applications, legacy and/or on-premises applications, and Internet of Things connected devices.


Stay ahead of competition and make smarter informed decisions using iPOP’s AI-driven predictive analysis engine. Stay agile by using rapid prototyping to quickly evaluate new systems and business processes.


iPOP’s unparalleled extensibility gives your enterprise the flexibility needed to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market. Use complete sets of pre-built process orchestration suites or pick and choose only the ones your business benefits from. Build your own suites extending the capabilities of iPOP to tailor the platform to your enterprise needs.


Run anywhere approach means your enterprise does not have to compromise. Deploy in your existing on-premises or cloud infrastructure, let us deploy and fully manage for you in virtual private cloud, or use our multi-tenant cloud offering.

Time-based Pricing

Pay only for what you use. iPOP’s architecture allows us to offer you competitive time-based pricing calculated down to the millisecond.